10 Outstanding Classical Tracks – Free Music For Your YouTube Videos

Here is a list of 10 downloadable masterpieces of classical music that can be used for free on your monetized or non-monetized YouTube videos without breaking any copyright law or clearing any claim, as they are included in the official YouTube Music Library.
You can find the links to download every track below.

Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers
Johann Strauss II – The Blue Danube
Richard Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries
Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Jason Farnham – Wedding Invitation
Felix Mendelssohn – Midsummer Night’s Dream
Huma Huma Studios – Pachabelly
Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No. 3
Georges Bizet – Habanera
Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsodies

The “Waltz of the Flowers”, composed in 1892 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), is
a piece of orchestral music of the late-Romantic period, from the second act of The Nutcracker.
The most famous movie using the “Waltz” is probably “Fantasia”, by Walt Disney.

“The Blue Danube” is a waltz composed by Johann Strauss II (Austria) in 1866.
A cult movie that features this track and that everyone surely remember is “2001”, by Stanley Kubrick

The “Ride of the Valkyries” is the popular term for the beginning of act 3 of Die Walküre, the second of the four operas by Richard Wagner (Germany, 1813 – 1883) that constitute Der Ring des Nibelungen.
In film, the “Ride of the Valkyries” is associated with Apocalypse Now (1979), where the piece is played on helicopter-mounted loudspeakers as psychological warfare.

The “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” is a dance for a ballerina, written by Tchaikovsky, from Act 2 of the 1892 ballet The Nutcracker. It is danced by the principal female dancer.

“Wedding Invitation” is a piece by the American composer and producer Jason Farnham, best known for composing music for the Dr. Oz show.

At two separate times, Felix Mendelssohn (Germany, 1809-1847) composed music for William Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. First in 1826, near the start of his career, he wrote a concert overture (Op. 21). Later, in 1842, only a few years before his death, he wrote incidental music incorporating the existing Overture. The incidental music includes the world most famous wedding march ever, that was adopted in 1858 by Princess Victoria for her wedding to Prince William of Prussia.

“Pachabelly” is a composition released for free use on youtube by Huma Huma, a company with recording studios in New York and Los Angeles that produce music for films, television, commercials, video games, installations, interactive work.

“Gymnopédie No. 3” is the last of three piano compositions, precursor to modern ambient music and to later artistic movements such as minimalism, written in 3/4 time by composer and pianist Erik Satie (France, 1866-1925)
A movie that uses Gymnopédie No. 3 is “Henry & June”, by Philip Kaufman

“Habanera” (1875) is the entrance aria, in scene 5 of the first act, from Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen.
Sadly, Bizet achieved few successes before this final opera work, which has become one of the most performed and renowned works in the entire opera repertoire.

The “Hungarian Rhapsodies” is based on Hungarian folk themes, composed by Franz Liszt who arranged versions for orchestra, piano duet and piano trio.

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