New #Alternative Dance Music Video: Gloria (2013) by Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria

A refreshing 2013 rendition of top dance music track Gloria, originally performed by Laura Branigam in 1982 and platinum in the United States in the same year (first position in the “Cash Box” chart with over 2 million copies sold).

Reworked by dj and producer Maurice Noah and featuring 70s sounding vocals by emerging singer Glo Ria, the tune meets a great metamorphosis. In the transition from old 80s music tapes to present, keyboards and drum machines become more frantic, radical and nervous, relocating the dissatisfaction of Gloria’s character into the tough times of contemporary generation, and into a life that runs with a different energy and at a lot higher speed.
While listening to the music we can easily imagine the new Gloria as a frequent attender of rave parties,maybe hiding behind a fully altered body, all covered with piercings and tattoos.

Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria – Gloria (2013)
Label: Thx88 Digital Art Factory
Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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