Pocket MP3 player for dj’s : tascam teac CD-DJ1

tascam teac cd dj1

TASCAM TEAC presents a nice innovative pocket CD and mp3 player for dj’s named CD-DJ1. The measures are: 155x275x60mm (6.06″w X 2.18″h X 10.56″d) while the weight is exactly 1 kilogram. It’s CD-R/RW compatible and it plays files in MP3 format. It features CUE, seamless LOOP, MASTER TEMPO and PITCH control. 100 dB of dynamic, and the sound range cover all frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz.
This small tabletop player is also compatible with TASCAM’s award winning TT-M1 CD/MP3 Scratch Controller, so you can use your existing turntable and any vinyl record to mix and scratch MP3s and CD audio without the need of any special coded vinyl.

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