DJ equipment and DJ software – M-Audio Torq Xponent mixing application now shipping


M-Audio has announced shipment of the Torq Xponent integrated hardware/software DJ system. Engineered by M-Audio’s SynchroScience Design Group, the package includes the Torq DJ software and the Xponent hardware control surface that puts all that power right at your fingertips. This completely integrated system combines the features of a standard two-channel DJ mixer with the controls of a pair of DJ CD players, letting you cue, mix and scratch digital files without touching the host computer.

For DJ CD player-style control, the unit includes two touch-sensitive scratch wheels for scratching, speeding up and slowing down the playback of digital files. And for in-depth control over Torq, Xponent adds 64 assignable backlit buttons (including Play, Cue, Seek, Loop, Key and Sync controls), two volume sliders, eight assignable knobs for effect control and two 100mm pitch sliders. The built-in touchpad/assignable X/Y controller allows you to control your mouse or the effects in Torq.
Torq DJ software for Mac and PC automatically configures itself to work with Xponent—with every hardware control pre-mapped to its corresponding function in Torq.
Torq comes with VST plugin compatibility, and moreover it can interface with any ReWire-compatible host application. It is possible to route the output of Torq to a program like Pro Tools M-Powered or Ableton Live and explore even more performance, production and sound design possibilities.

Minimum System Requirements:
PC > Windows XP SP2 / Pentium IV 1.4 GHz / 512MB RAM / 1 free USB port
MAC > Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher / Mac G4 1.5GHz / 1GB RAM / 1 available USB port

The price is currently set to $749.95.

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