Laptop for DJ – OODJ

PCDJ presents a special laptop designed for mobile dj use: 00DJ. This notebook has all the professional equipment encased in secure steel case to ensure the performer dj can utilise and work without interruption using MP3s. It’s equipped with a gigaport ag soundcard, with 8 RCA outputs (24 bit digital-to-analog converters), WDM and ASIO drivers, ready to support future DTS 6.1 / 7.1 surround formats.

From press release: “Designed by a DJ – for a DJ! The 00DJ provides the perfect solution for the mobile DJ on the road. Portable and compact with ease of use, this stylish MP3 module will save you time & effort at your venues – without sacrificing performance.
Turn up to your next gig with style, confidence and bulletproof technology with the ‘00DJ’ professional music performance system. The 00DJ delivers a feel of quality and power that puts it in a league of its own.The ‘00DJ’ provides the perfect solution for today’s fast moving professionals. Combining ice cool styling with touch screen programming – an impressive yet secure library of MP3 files – the 00DJ will free-up your creativity and save valuable time at all of your venues. ”

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