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DJ, producer, a restless music soul, Ellen Allien is an artist DJ girl from Berlin who can’t stand still waiting for music culture to change on its own. Riding German techno scene in over fifteen years and giving it so much, we can’t forget about her anytime we pronounce the world “Dj”! Since 1994 she rumbles between production and remixes, composing and rearranging, looking for new sounds and being a significant part in cultural transformation in Berlin! You’ve got to feel Berlin, used to say “The 69 eyes” and she did feel it, becoming the “A” in the word “Art”, as we talk about techno music. And it’s because of her we could talk about “German Techno” as a musical genre itself, known throughout the world, from NYC to Tokyo giving Djs a new lexicon as they are playing their music. And, as well balanced and hardly worked out sounds, combine to a song idea which never results into a too hard to understand song which makes your ears red, you surelly have something you can call a work of art.

That’s the way people gets in touch with different kinds of music, as they become comprehensive to everybody. And that’s what she did in all these years, putting in her playing everything she has and everything she is. Everything started in a radio in Berlin, where she mixed stuff, just like all those voices chatting between songs and often suggesting what to buy to make your car clean and fast! In the 80s she got in touch wit Bowie’s stuff, brought to Radio by the BBC and got influenced by him. In the early 90s she got her own label and started working out techno music following the Berlinese wave but already speaking loudly her own style. Year after year everything became bigger and dancefloors started to know her by heart and move theirselves riding her tunes and moods. What made her so popular and strong? Of course a very huge artist spirit and sensitive soul and her will to rule the world, without waiting for things to fall from the sky, just climbing higher and higher to grab them from the clouds. It really don’t impress seeing her busy in following every single side of her label, BPitch Control, from music to merchandising, taking out a week during a tournée, just to promote a new song or album. And her music really sounds like it, nothing is the same, as time goes by, no way she’s giving you something you have already heard, even from herself! Sometimes I really have the idea, as you play the same song from a CD of hers, neither it plays always the same way! But maybe I’m just too tired…anyway, don’t miss her as you want to start feeling and understanding everything’s behind techno music and Dj producing and even if you are already keen on it, just pay a tribute to one of the most impressive and experimental artist.
Official Ellen Allien website: www.ellenallien.de

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