Tiefschwarz bio

Have you ever thought about that? Most of music getting from clubs, techno, electro or moods like that, are usually so hard to recognize, talking about the mind behind them. In fact they often are just made to emulate someone else who already has had succes! First time I heard Tiefschwarz, the German duo chewing with their electronical mind some kind of music tasting a little bit U.S. street, it was ’96. Things really changed for everybody and, of course, for them. At the moment they are really playing completelly different stuff, even though, after all these years, I can still recognize their style, behind all those new things wrapped around their musical conception. And I think that’s the point between an imitator and a real, pure Dj making something new from what it gets by his environment. Ali and Basti Schwarz went playing everywhere, beating every metropolis throughout the world with no stop at all, swinging from Brazil to Taiwan, just forgetting about jet-lag and giving the night a new sound fitting to every kind of dance floor. Would you believe? In all their songs and in their remixes too, you can find little pieces from every night they spent abroad playing to amuse the audiences! That’s it, everything in their creations really sounds like rock, reggae, jazz, techno, acid and whatever you can get from the streets, just browsing through cultures and different places, kept together with their huge conception of what a song is and must be, suitable to a perfect producer mind!

Starting making little songs used to do like everybody,in the first 90s, just dreaming of being a musician, and making the dance floors move as Djs, the two brothers stomped their sign on a big part of techno and club music, involving a load of music v.i.p. like Kelis or Terence Trent d’Arby just amazed by their performances. In 1996 they founded their own label “continuemusic” sticking to Peter Hoff, a producer from Stuttgart, remixing more than 30 works for artists like Jennifer Paige, Master At Work, Randy Crawford and others. Everything gave them a very huge reputation in house music scene, in Germany and abroad, from the USA to Asia. “OK guy, just tell us, from what you can recognize them? Don’t fool us, U jerk!” That’s ok…just get everything from them, or just their last album “Eating Books”. Everything they play and create, from Jazzanova to dee-deep-house, really sounds in a soft shade of smoothness which really comfort your ears at any gain you shoot them on your speakers! That’s the real magic a producer could get out of a song without looking for obscure chords…Everything sounds like a warm shroud on you, doesn’t matter wether you got a degree in music academy or not, everybody can feel it, and would never get tired by them! That’s why I’m sure, everybody would like their job and their productions…give ‘em a shot guyzzzz!

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